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La grande traversée poétique

6 oktober 2020

We are really excited to announce that ten poets from Utrecht will be contributing to the virtual event La grande traversée poétique, by our colleague City of Literature Québec. The event will consist of over twelve hours of uninterrupted poetry by more than 200 international poets. Lovers of poetry will be able to discover the works of poets from different cultures from all over the world, in the comfort of their own homes. We will be streaming the event on October the 24th from 8:00 p.m. Québec time onwards on our facebook channel. Afterwards, the video’s will be available on our youtube channel. 

The poets presented by Utrecht City of Literature are:

Maarten van der Graaff

Marieke Lucas Rijneveld

Dorien Dijkhuis

Geert Buelens

Astrid Lampe

Vrouwkje Tuinman

Mia You

Ruben van Gogh

Jasper Albinus

Ben Hartman / Reazun

The complete list of contributing poets can be found here.