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Vluchtautogedichten (2013), Dood werk (2015), Wormen en engelen (2017), Nederland in stukken (2020)


Maarten van der Graaff


Maarten van der Graaff (1987) is a writer and a poet. He published Vluchtautogedichten (Getawaycarpoems) in 2013. A year later, this book was awarded the C. Buddingh’ Prize for best debut collection. Dood werk (Dead Work), his second collection, was published in 2015. This book was awarded the J.C. Bloem Poetry Prize. Van der Graaff is an editor and co-founder of Samplekanon, an online literary magazine. In 2017, Wormen en engelen (Worms and Angels), his first novel, was published to great acclaim, recently followed by Nederland in stukken, his third poetry collection.