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Poetry International Festival

14 May 2018

Poetry International Festival Rotterdam will take place from May 29th to June 3th this year. It is the 49th edition of the festival that has been organized in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg since 1970.

Poetry can do something for you, make you think or just be fun. It may just be that those few lines you’ve once read stay with you for a lifetime. Poetry is for everyone and that is the reason why the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam offers the opportunity to discover, meet, talk, and debate about pets and their work.

This year the festival poets are younger than ever and they talk a lot about many current discussions with their poems. Whether it is about ecology and sustainability, racism, diversity and gender, about politics, where madness sometimes governs, or about society disrupting violence.

There is a very diverse program of poets from many different countries:

Joost Baars (The Netherlands)
Christian Bök (Canada)
Ida Börjel (Sweden)
Sonia Bueno (Spain)
Alí Calderón (Mexico)
Dolores Dorantes (Mexico)
Nora Gomringer (Germany)
Aurélia Lassaque (France)
Patricia Lockwood (United States)
Zeyar Lynn (Myanmar Burma)
Miguel-Manso (Portugal)
Gihan Omar (Egypt)
Marie de Quatrebarbes (France)
Safiya Sinclair (Jamaica)
Danez Smith (Verenigde Staten)
Maria Stepanova (Russia)
Lies van Gasse (Belgium)
Nachoem M. Wijnberg (The Netherlands)

During the festival, which lasts six days, these international poets will climb the stage to give a lecture about their work. In addition, other activities and poets will also be in the spotlight. Poets get a free hand at this festival.
As a visitor of the festival you do not only have the opportunity to listen to poets, but you can also start writing poems yourself or learn how to do that. Literature enthusiasts can participate in translation projects, writing workshops and competitions.

Do you want to be there en meet the best international poets, enter into the discussion and enjoy? Take a look on the website:

Tickets are starting from €7,50 and can be ordered on the website.