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Books 4 Life back in Utrecht

1 May 2018

Books 4 Life was a used bookstore for charity until 1 September 2017. You may already know the name from other cities in Europe, because it is a chain of shops in a number of university cities.

All books, LPs, CDs and DVDs are donated by private individuals and 90% of the profits go to charities. One half goes to Amnesty International and Oxfam Novib, and the other half to local charities. So buying a book is not only good for yourself, but also good for others!
In September 2017, however, the bookshop disappeared from Utrecht because the property was sold. Fortunately, we have succeeded in finding a new location for the store, namely in the Red Cross complex at Koningsweg 2 at Utrecht.

The Red Cross and Books 4 Life fit perfectly together, both are committed to charity. The Books 4 Life store is located in a separate part of the large building and has its own entrance close to the road, where you can park properly

Saturday the 2nd of June the official opening takes place, but maybe the store is open earlier, when the move is done! So be sure to check it out soon and support the charity (and your own bookcase of course).
The store will be open from 11:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Saturday after opening.