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bright star, spin faster, spin higher, spin all the splendor of

us as revolutionary crisis, bright star, we’re here

regardless of the future, rouse radical ambiance

not violence, the future is a filter that flatters all


thus is fake, we awake forever in a sweet unrest

how faithfully we inventory all the hours, though

even the seas and seasons have lost track of all measure


vaster facilities for storage, less held knowledge, how

industrious the laws that see matter as pro forma

let it go, bright star, this blade, pulse, breath has no other

lesson, you’ll burn me from within, just as I’ve done with them

a mind is a mine, mine, hem roeckt niet wiens huys dat brant

goes old wisdom, als hi hem by de colen wermen mach

endless is the chill of not yet, not near, enough –

Text: ©Mia You

Image: ©Cheyenne Goudswaard